Tuesday, 12 June 2012

So what happened in May and June????

Oh dear, I have been missing in action haven't I ?

Some Aliens turned up and kidnapped me the day after I wrote my last post. They said I would have to sit through 89 hours straight of mind numbing BBC coverage of the celebrations during the weekend of 2-5 June otherwise they would make it rain for a VERY long time, especially over the jubilee weekend. Sorry, I just couldnt do it so it's my fault that it's been pissing it down for so long and most of the UK has had no summer to speak of. It's all down to me that 99% of the population were sat shivering under umbrellas eating soggy sandwiches while 'trying to make the best of it' at their street parties. M&S were being overly optimistic selling bunting made from paper that's for sure.

Sunday 3rd June - 6 hours of watching mainly small and not very interesting boats sail down the Thames with a backdrop of grey sky. Made even more awful by the likes of Anneka Rice (what were they thinking????) attempting to add a bit of humour. The highlight was Kate's stunning red outfit. No wonder Prince Philip took to hospital after hours of standing the cold.

Monday 4th June - concert at Buck palace. Could have been great but why spoil it with inane commentary from normally funny comedians like Jimmy Carr, Miranda Hart, Rob Brydon etc. And CLIFF RICHARD for Lords sake. Thank goodness I recorded this and didn't watch it live. Little did the inventors of sky+ realise the fast forward button button was created way back in 2001 solely for the purpose of avoiding the crap acts of this concert in 2012 And Yes Grace Jones that means you. And Rolf Harris - surely Gary Barlow didnt book him???? And I do love Macca but why end on ob-la-di,ob-la-da? Its not like Paul doesnt have any other decent hits to pull out of the bag is it? The fireworks were pretty good though. And Madness on the roof, they were great.

Tues 5th June - coverage from about 3am waiting for the arrivals at the ceremony of Thanksgiving At St Paul's cathedral. Might have been fun except we sat through hours of the same thing last year for Will & Kate's Wedding. Except this time we didnt have the Beckhams to look out for. More rain. I also recorded this but sadly switched off before the service even began. Sorry, I failed miserably on my mission to watch the whole lot.

But despite the desperate TV viewing, I had a great time. Our village street party was on the Monday afternoon and we enjoyed the only dry 6 hours of the whole weekend. 700 of us in one closed off road with family, friends and neighbours, live music, flag waving, dancing in the street and far too much food and drink. After my first few glasses of wine were drunk everything was a bit fluffy around the edges and all was well with the world !!! DD loved it, Alex just couldn't understand why he was having his lunch in his high chair in the middle of the road and DH said it was great to be drinking his own beer in the pub garden for free!!!

God save the Queen !

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