Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hello.......anyone out there?

I am surprised that I haven't been stripped of my mumsnet bloggers badge. Haven't written a post since last June and now that I have given up going on Facebook for lent there's nowhere for me to write absolute rubbish and read about what everyone is up to. It's vital for my well-being to hear about old school friends that I didn't even care much for in school let alone now 25 years later. I couldn't give a toss what spotty Ian had for his tea last night or the fact that its been snowing for the last TWO hours in someone else's town. But what I am really missing about it is the razor sharp wit of some of my friends status updates, photos of my old girlfriends piss-ups from last night and other stuff that you just don't get without your daily (or hourly!) fix.  No-one believes I can do it - 40 days without social media. Too many glasses of Blossom Hill on top of a belly full of Nutella & Banana pancake on shrove Tuesday clearly clouded my thinking......what can I give up for lent?

My old boss has said she'll give £20 to a charity of my choice (British Heart Foundation) if I can do it. I have to be honest, I wasn't sure that I could and actually woke up a bit panicky the next morning. That's scary that I felt that way isn't it? Try it though and it's actually quite hard.......we live our lives now by our smartphones/I-pads/texting. I am on Linked-in for work stuff and I read a really interesting link on there this week about how the world has stopped talking to each other - yes talking with our mouths rather than with our handheld devices. Interesting stuff -would love to hear your comments on this.

So here I am again. So much has happened in the last few months- the amazing Olympics, eye surgery, new car, a new job and my cheeky baby now cheeky boy aged 2 causing chaos wherever he goes. It's good to be back x

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  1. I'm still here! (Taking me a while to catch up with comments, sorry!) Good luck with the challenge, I managed a day without my phone the other week but it was difficult, I rely on it for so much. That's a really interesting article, thanks for sharing. I need to switch off sometimes and concentrate on the real world around me (as does my husband).