Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hello.......anyone out there?

I am surprised that I haven't been stripped of my mumsnet bloggers badge. Haven't written a post since last June and now that I have given up going on Facebook for lent there's nowhere for me to write absolute rubbish and read about what everyone is up to. It's vital for my well-being to hear about old school friends that I didn't even care much for in school let alone now 25 years later. I couldn't give a toss what spotty Ian had for his tea last night or the fact that its been snowing for the last TWO hours in someone else's town. But what I am really missing about it is the razor sharp wit of some of my friends status updates, photos of my old girlfriends piss-ups from last night and other stuff that you just don't get without your daily (or hourly!) fix.  No-one believes I can do it - 40 days without social media. Too many glasses of Blossom Hill on top of a belly full of Nutella & Banana pancake on shrove Tuesday clearly clouded my thinking......what can I give up for lent?

My old boss has said she'll give £20 to a charity of my choice (British Heart Foundation) if I can do it. I have to be honest, I wasn't sure that I could and actually woke up a bit panicky the next morning. That's scary that I felt that way isn't it? Try it though and it's actually quite hard.......we live our lives now by our smartphones/I-pads/texting. I am on Linked-in for work stuff and I read a really interesting link on there this week about how the world has stopped talking to each other - yes talking with our mouths rather than with our handheld devices. Interesting stuff -would love to hear your comments on this.

So here I am again. So much has happened in the last few months- the amazing Olympics, eye surgery, new car, a new job and my cheeky baby now cheeky boy aged 2 causing chaos wherever he goes. It's good to be back x

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

So what happened in May and June????

Oh dear, I have been missing in action haven't I ?

Some Aliens turned up and kidnapped me the day after I wrote my last post. They said I would have to sit through 89 hours straight of mind numbing BBC coverage of the celebrations during the weekend of 2-5 June otherwise they would make it rain for a VERY long time, especially over the jubilee weekend. Sorry, I just couldnt do it so it's my fault that it's been pissing it down for so long and most of the UK has had no summer to speak of. It's all down to me that 99% of the population were sat shivering under umbrellas eating soggy sandwiches while 'trying to make the best of it' at their street parties. M&S were being overly optimistic selling bunting made from paper that's for sure.

Sunday 3rd June - 6 hours of watching mainly small and not very interesting boats sail down the Thames with a backdrop of grey sky. Made even more awful by the likes of Anneka Rice (what were they thinking????) attempting to add a bit of humour. The highlight was Kate's stunning red outfit. No wonder Prince Philip took to hospital after hours of standing the cold.

Monday 4th June - concert at Buck palace. Could have been great but why spoil it with inane commentary from normally funny comedians like Jimmy Carr, Miranda Hart, Rob Brydon etc. And CLIFF RICHARD for Lords sake. Thank goodness I recorded this and didn't watch it live. Little did the inventors of sky+ realise the fast forward button button was created way back in 2001 solely for the purpose of avoiding the crap acts of this concert in 2012 And Yes Grace Jones that means you. And Rolf Harris - surely Gary Barlow didnt book him???? And I do love Macca but why end on ob-la-di,ob-la-da? Its not like Paul doesnt have any other decent hits to pull out of the bag is it? The fireworks were pretty good though. And Madness on the roof, they were great.

Tues 5th June - coverage from about 3am waiting for the arrivals at the ceremony of Thanksgiving At St Paul's cathedral. Might have been fun except we sat through hours of the same thing last year for Will & Kate's Wedding. Except this time we didnt have the Beckhams to look out for. More rain. I also recorded this but sadly switched off before the service even began. Sorry, I failed miserably on my mission to watch the whole lot.

But despite the desperate TV viewing, I had a great time. Our village street party was on the Monday afternoon and we enjoyed the only dry 6 hours of the whole weekend. 700 of us in one closed off road with family, friends and neighbours, live music, flag waving, dancing in the street and far too much food and drink. After my first few glasses of wine were drunk everything was a bit fluffy around the edges and all was well with the world !!! DD loved it, Alex just couldn't understand why he was having his lunch in his high chair in the middle of the road and DH said it was great to be drinking his own beer in the pub garden for free!!!

God save the Queen !

Monday, 7 May 2012

Another week in tweets.....#notmuchtimetowriteagain

I am still non the wiser on tweeting but I have now learnt that at the end of a tweet you put a # and write some kind of summary. I think. If anyone can enlighten me then please comment. I still am digging my heals in and refusing to go on It's bad enough that I spend some of my rare leisure time on Facebook, pinterest (another pointless Internet pastime) and attempting to blog without twittering too. Real life friends will tell you I spend enough time twittering anyway. Oh and not forgetting the dull-as-dishwater LinkedIn which is becoming essential for work but is like facebook without the drunken status updates & holiday snaps.

So when you have have had a look at my pointless but lovely pinboards (click on the pinterest button to the right of the blog page) feel free to read my week in tweets.....

Mon 30th April - a rare sunny day so actually got outside a bit #thankgodtherainhasstopped

Tue 1st May - Blood pressure still high so had to wear a portable BP cuff and machine for 24 hours starting at 8.30am # lookedveryspecial

Wed 2nd May - got the damned machine off at 8.30am after not a lot of sleep wrestling with tangled tubes in bed #hotandsticky

Thur 3rd May - straight out after work for a lovely meal at strada, glass of red wine and a very funny local theatre production of the vicar of Dibley #neededagoodlaugh

Fri 4th May - absolutely shattered after work so a Thai curry and beer on the sofa with DH to round off the week #fellasleeponthesofaby9pm

Sat 5th May - spent the day with friends and the evening with 6 year old DD having a girlie make-up sleepover watching 'the Voice' and eating too much chocolate in bed together #badlypaintedfingernails

Sun 6th May - spur of the moment drunken evening with DH culminating in homemade cocktails on top of red wine & an m&s dine in for a tenner meal. Much dancing around lounge and went to bed too late #goingtofeelterribleinthemorning

So there you go, long suffering blog readers. Sorry for the neglect, I should really try to write every week.....

Sunday, 29 April 2012

There's a bit of humour in everyone.....

There's a drought on apparently. We had a leaflet through the door from Anglian Water telling us how to save water. As I write this it's blowing a gale outside and rain lashing against the window. It feels like it's been raining for weeks and weeks.  This weather has coincided with me starting running in an attempt to get fit and lose a bit of weight. So far I have been doing it just 2 weeks or so but am going out every other day and trying to go in the rare dry moments. However today there is no dodging the rain so out I go this morning. DH asked me to 'run' past the local shop to buy burgers and buns en route (that well known traditional family Sunday lunch) so I did.

There is a lady who works there who has always been a bit sour faced to say the least. Ever so slightly rude, tuts if you produce a note that will use up all her change, frowns upon any child acting naughty, never holds the door for the buggy etc etc etc.  My Mum made the mistake of saying to DD that she didn't think the lady in the shop was very nice, forgetting that DD NEVER forgets a word said to her. So of course one day in there, DD pipes up very loudly " Nan - thats the lady you don't like isn't she? " Mum: embarrased silence. DD: "Nan. Nanny. Naaaann - did you hear me? - thats that rude lady isn't it????" Mum:  More silence and stony look from lady before Mum slinks away from the shop vowing never to say anything like that in fromt of DD again.  Hilarious.

Anyway, so I went out for my run. I am looking gorgeous - wet hair stuck to my head, glasses steamed up and rain dripping off the end of my nose. Relieved that there's no-one I know in the shop, grab the burgers and buns. Sour face lady is on the till. I cringe because I have a £10 note. No comment from her at all but just as she gives me the change she glances at my stuff and says "having a BBQ this afternoon? Nice weather for one.....?"  Eh?  We have a little banter "Oh yes well there is a drought on isn't there?" I say. She cracks a smile and I am stunned. She's my new best friend.

Not a very exciting story, but just goes to show that there has to be a little chink of light & humour in even the most straight faced people. It made me think - I have been going in that shop for 8 years and never had a pleasant experience with her. So that's my little challenge for this week to see if I can get a little bit out of someone that I normally wouldn't spend time talking to or be bothered with......

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The baby days are over.......

 Its baby boy is now a toddler boy.

We were on holiday in the Canary Islands at Easter and on Good Friday Alex took his first steps on his own.....a bit late at almost 16 months old but he got there in the end. His face was a picture, he was as surprised as we were I think. And there's been no stopping him since. So now he is sporting various bruises on his head in a variety of colours as of course he is falling over and hitting various doors, cupboards and more often than not - the floor.

So this weekend we went for that oh-so-momentous occasion of shopping for first shoes. The little boy is a very dinky size 2.5 but a wide G fitting (hope he doesn't take after me with feet as wide as dinner plates).

This week he has also learnt to get into kitchen cupboards and smash bowls, pull all the books off bookshelves and open the DVD cupboard and scatter them around the floor. I have given up tidying up after him, our house looks like its been burgled ALL of the time. I am sure my daughter wasn't so 'curious'........perhaps it's a boy thing????

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Ironing versus Blogging

 Its beating me. The ironing pile is spilling over the top of the 3rd basket.

Its so boring but necessary. Some of my friends say they don't do ironing yet they never look creased or scruffy. They must know something I don't. If I had a spare £200 I would be driving this little lot down to 'ironing 4U' on Monday morning. But I don't, so between me & DH (oh yes, I am lucky enough to have a husband who shares the chores) we have a long steamy week ahead.......

Can I just say in my defence though, We have just come back from our holiday, plus there was a bit of a pile before we went on hols too........honest. My standards are definately dropping. So when I have got to the bottom of this, (probably some time in 2014) I promise to be back with a half decent post. xxx
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A week in tweets......

I don't do tweeting. And have absolutely no intention of starting anytime soon. However this post is inspired by a blog I read
She somehow blogs everyday. I could never manage this myself but I think she writes for a living which would be nice but I have to stick to my day job for now.
Anyway here week last week, in tweets.  Oh and sorry for breaking the rules. (I think its a maximum of 140 characters per tweet)
Monday: Two of my oldest girlfriends come for lunch in between doing the school run both ways and a 160 mile round trip each. I'd like to think its because I am such a good cook but I seriously doubt it. 3 precious hours of catching up.
Tuesday: Took the baby boy to the doctors (again) to see if the vomit inducing chesty cough he has is in fact a chest infection. The answer was no, buy some cough mixture. The washing machine is about to pack it's bags and leave.
Wednesday: Start of my working week so I had a lunch break and did one hour of power shopping. Oh and did some work.
Thursday: The baby boy threw up over me just 10 minutes before walking out of the door to meet a friend at the pub to drink too much wine. A quick change, baby wipe away cheesy smell and I make it still only 10 minutes late. Actually only drink 2 glasses for fear of whether I will get much sleep in the night ahead.
Friday: Nostalgia trip to Northampton general hospital for a routine eye clinic appointment. All fine there but had the urge to detour past the doors of the ward I was on for weeks and weeks before having the boy. Never fails to bring a lump to my throat - the beginning of my blogging days -
Saturday: Our God-daughters 5th birthday party today so DH took DD dosed up on calpol as she has been a bit poorly yesterday. She perked up at the thought of cake and a party bag though.
Sunday: Hooray, the sun is out, the clocks went forward last night and we spent most of the day outside sunning our pale white bodies. Even hot enough to get the sun cream out- a first for 2012. In desperate need for vitamin D.
So there you go, the week that was. Xxxx

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